During the Journées d’Imagerie Optique Non Conventionnelle (JIONC, or Non-Conventional Optical Imaging Days, 2024 March 14th), Elise Colin and Aurélien Plyer had the opportunity to present, with our colleagues from the LPICM (Razvigor Ossikovski, Enrique Garcia Caurel) a significant stage of our research on the interactions between dynamic speckle and polarization.

A critical component of our study is based on the concept of multivariate, i.e., multidimensional, coefficient of variation. When applied to coherent images, this is known as speckle contrast and is the key parameter of our blood circulation images. The concept of the multivariate coefficient of variation finds a new application in the field of polarimetry for extending the speckle contrast to temporal measurements involving different polarimetric channels.

We developed a unified formalism to define the multivariate coefficients of variation, based on generalized means. Our initial results, illustrating this concept, are based on polarimetric radar time series, whether in full or partial polarization. The theoretical study of these works is detailed in a preprint available on Arxiv, pending a peer-reviewed publication in progress:

Towards a Unified Formalism of Multivariate Coefficients of Variation — Application to the Analysis of Polarimetric Speckle Time Series

This research opens promising perspectives for more effective integration of polarimetric measurements in our speckle time series in optical imaging.


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