• DeepTech Tour 2022 – Toulouse
    Organized by Bpifrance and the French government, the Deeptech Tour is a lively, inspiring and interactive tour of university campuses aimed at presenting innovations in Deeptech.Among the researchers who share their stories, their backgrounds, their advice and their passions, Xavier shares here the story of the creation of ITAE Medical Research (2022, April 22, Toulouse)
  • Our paper on skin microvascularization using spatially depolarized dynamic speckle
    Our latest work on depolarized dynamic speckle for skin vascularization was just published in Journal of Biomedical Optics. You can read the open access paper on the SPIE Digital Library.
  • Participation to JIONC 2022
  • Cardiology: Cardiac activity on a perfused heart
    ITAE supports ECHORONEX by providing a new opportunity to ensure graft quality in heart transplantation. ECHORONEX : Transplantation is a promising way to save lives, ECHORONEX offers a new perspective for the future. The observation of coronary arteries on a graft is a crucial step to judge its health status. ECHORONEX is a multidisciplinary project led […]
  • ITAE wishes you a happy Valentine’s Day.